These are our aims:
  To read and understand the siddur.
  To study narrative parts of the Bible in Hebrew (with translation).
  To complete a survey of Jewish history and thought from Abraham
to Zionism.
  To acquire an understanding of basic texts of Jewish law and ethics.
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Shoresh Hebrew High
is a nonprofit
organization and has
501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
    Shoresh Hebrew High School is a unique Jewish studies program for 8th-
    12th grade students attending secular schools in the Greater Washington
    area. Shoresh builds a strong foundation for students to become critical
    thinkers about our Jewish heritage, to find a sense of shared community
    and destiny among all Jews, and to meet the challenges of American
    Jewish life.

    Shoresh meets at the JCCGW on Sunday 6-9 pm during the school year.
Ulpan Ben Yehuda
conversational Hebrew
at the JCCGW is now open to
Shoresh students for only
$100 per semester,
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"Shoresh has made me excited
about Judaism in a way that I
never was before."

"Shoresh has allowed each one of
us to realize our own place in

"How we relate to our Jewish life
has forever been changed by

"Instead of prescribing a
particular Jewish worldview,
Shoresh charged and challenged
me with discovering my own."

"That’s what Shoresh teaches:
critical thinking."
"Shoresh has given me the means
of discovering what it is about
Judaism that makes me want to
stay Jewish."

"Shoresh is the kind of school
where teachers are happy if you
leave with more questions than
you came with."

"Every time I left a classroom I
was a changed person."

"Every class gave me a reason to
want to attend each week."

"Shoresh prepares us for the
challenges of Jewish leadership."