Shoresh is partnering with Jewish camps serving Washington area families.  Any
    student who attends one of these camps this summer and enrolls in Shoresh will
    receive $100.00 off the cost of Shoresh tuition if the camp grants a $100.00 discount
    off the cost of camp.
    Jewish Camp Partners
For more
about each
camp, click
on its logo.
Ulpan Ben Yehuda
conversational Hebrew
at the JCCGW is now open to
Shoresh students for only
$100 per semester,
a $300 savings!  
Call today for details.
Camp Ramah
declines to offer a
discount of $100
to Shoresh
students.  We urge
you to encourage
Camp Ramah to
Shoresh Hebrew High
is a nonprofit
organization and has
501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.