Tuition for 5779 school year is $1,650 and it includes dinner
and textbooks. An additional fee of $36 is added to the
Seniors’ tuition to cover graduation Kiddush expenses.

No student will be turned away for financial reasons.
Scholarship funds are available and can be obtained by
contacting the Director. All applications will be handled in strict

We are excited to offer the following discounts to Shoresh

1. Shoresh continues its partnership with Jewish summer
camps that serve Washington area families.  Students who
attend a Jewish summer camp this summer will receive $100
off the cost of Shoresh tuition.  We encourage camps to grant
a $100 discount off the cost of camp to students attending

2. We also give a $100 discount to families that recruit new
families to Shoresh.

Please complete the registration forms as soon as possible.
Click here to download the form.  This will help us to better
plan the new school year.
    Tuition and Registration
Ulpan Ben Yehuda
conversational Hebrew
at the JCCGW is now open to
Shoresh students for only
$100 per semester,
a $300 savings!  
Call today for details.
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Shoresh Hebrew High
is a nonprofit
organization and has
501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.