During the 2009 conflict in Gaza, a group of people I know went to pro-Palestinian rallies on the
    weekends, had Palestinian flags as their Facebook profile pictures, and liked to discuss whether the
    humanitarian situation in Gaza was genocide. The way they spoke about Israel made me uncomfortable
    and angry. Still, I did not support the Israeli operation in Gaza and felt that the damage done to Hamas
    was not worth the humanitarian toll. But I did not want my opposition to Israel’s actions to be misread as
    opposition to Israel. I could not stand by Israel, but I did not want to stand against her.

    The question I have continued to ask myself and explain to anyone who will listen is: "How do I reconcile
    my support for Israel with my opposition to some of its actions?" Shoresh has helped me begin to answer
    this question.

    The discussions in Shoresh have always been, above all else, constructive. Teachers at Shoresh are
    smart and open-minded.

    At some point a few years into Shoresh, I began to value the time I spent here. I enjoyed reading Tanach,
    learning Jewish law, and discussing current Jewish events. I find Jewish theology so fascinating that I’ve
    been keeping Jewish Thought Today on my nightstand. It got to the point this year that I would want to stay
    at Shoresh longer, standing at the parking lot exit and talking with my teachers.

    (Class of 2009)
    My Relationship to Israel
Ulpan Ben Yehuda
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