I have been coming to Shoresh for five years now, since 8th grade.  At first I wasn’t sure if Shoresh was
    right for me. I wasn’t sure if I would stay with Shoresh, move on to try something else, or just stop
    searching.  Shoresh has been awesome.

    At Shoresh all of the students participated in the discussions, and there was no pressure against asking
    the teachers questions. Boy, did we ask some questions. Some of my favorites were, “How and when do
    astronauts celebrate Shabbat?” and “Why didn’t they just put Israel in South America?”

    I’ve come to appreciate more and more the teachers who make Shoresh so enlightening. The teachers at
    Shoresh have shared their passion for the subjects they study.

    When there was conflict I would end up learning even more. One of our classes, for a reason that wasn’t
    important, was taught by both Maryana Harouni and Rabbi Feld. Maryana presented her view on Purim,
    full of historical context and analysis. Rabbi Feld’s rebuttal claimed that the importance of the story did not
    rely at all in the historical details, and that most of the story was metaphorical. You can see what I’m talking
    about when I say there was conflict.

    Experiences like that taught me a valuable lesson. There is always another way to look at a situation, and
    it is ridiculous to look at a situation in only one way or from one point of view, and to claim that you have
    seen the whole truth.

    Shoresh has really made a difference for me, as I will keep exploring what I have learned here.  

    (Class of 2014)
    Always Another Way to Look at a Situation
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