Tanach: Prophets and Leadership

    What type of leader would step into the breach left by the death of Moses? Priests, judges, kings and
    prophets appeared. Who would unite the people? Who would lead them in battle? What qualities of
    leadership did judges and early kings possess? What were their faults? What set the prophets of Israel
    apart? What were the decisive moments in their lives? Who would preserve the Covenant between God
    and Israel?

    Rabbinics: Mishneh Torah*

    Is gossip ever permitted? Is chicken really meat? When must we listen to the words of a prophet? We will
    have the opportunity to ask these questions and many more as we explore the teachings of one of
    Judaism's greatest sages, Rabbi Moses Maimonides (Rambam), in his epic work, the Mishneh Torah.

    History: American Jewish History*

    Between 1881 and 1924, millions of Jews streamed into America. What brought them here and what did
    they leave behind? How did life in America change Jewish self perception and the role of Judaism in their
    lives? Why did the large-scale immigration end? Find out the answer to these and other questions about
    this great change in Jewish life.

    History: The Zionist Idea*

    What is Zionism? How did atheist revolutionaries and Orthodox rabbis, bankers and refugees, visionaries
    and hard-nosed realists, turn Zionist dreams into a Jewish State? How do their differing views of Zionism,
    and the choices they made along the way, impact the conflicts and challenges facing Israel today?

    Siddur: Festivals*

    Why are Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot, the pilgrimage festivals of the Jewish year, called the "seasons of
    our joy"? What changes are made in services on these and other holidays? What prayers and rituals show
    our elemental link to the Land of Israel? How do the Shalosh Regalim focus on our redemption from
    slavery, the responsibilities of living with the Law, and the fragility of our individual existence in a fixed
    natural order?
* One semester course
    Grade 10
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