Tanach: Tehillim (Psalms)

    Psalms are more than beautiful literary compositions; they are essentially human documents. They reflect
    the challenge to remain faithful to ideals in the face of oppression, the doubts created by the success of
    evil-doers, and the inner struggle against despair. They also express joy, hope, gratitude and praise.
    These feelings are not limited to one people or one age. They are recurrent and worldwide. This is the
    unfading appeal of Tehillim.

    Rabbinics: Contemporary Questions/Timeless Answers

    Is it reasonable to believe in God? What's the difference between concluding that God exists and
    believing in God? What do we mean when we speak to God? Does the problem of evil make us revise
    our idea of God? Who decides what is the correct way of Jewish life? What is special about the Jewish
    people? Can we still believe in the coming of the messiah?

    History: History of Modern Israel*

    From the British White Paper of 1939, which withdrew promises made in the Balfour Declaration, to
    independence on May 14, 1948, what events led to the rebirth of the State of Israel? How has Israel faced
    unceasing threats to its existence from the War of Liberation to the Second Intifada? During Israel's first
    64 years, how has Israel met political, economic and social challenges from within?   (Second of two
    semesters.  Continued from Grade 11.)

    History: Headlines and Headliners*

    What issues face American, Israeli, and world Jewish communities today? Is Israel to be a Jewish state or
    a state of Jews? What implication does this have for Israeli law? What is the American Jewish
    community's relationship with Israel and how has it changed in the last twenty years? How do we assure
    that there will be American Jews in 100 years?
* One semester course
    Grade 12
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