Tanach: Authority and Rebellion

    How did our ancestors accept God's authority? What happened when they rebelled? Which of them tried
    to bargain with God? What happened when they took the law into their own hands? What were the results
    when they abused authority? Is civil disobedience a Jewish tradition?

    Rabbinics: Pirke Avot*

    With the Jewish people's future hanging in the balance, the sword of Rome poised over its neck, the
    Sages prepared a time capsule, Ethics of the Fathers, encoding within it essential wisdom of our people.
    Who is wise? Who is a good friend? How can we avoid sin? What is the right balance between self-
    interest and self-sacrifice? Which is more worthwhile: study or action? What is the meaning of life?

    History: From Beginnings to 1700*

    When does Jewish history begin? How did a tribe transform itself into the dynamic and creative Jewish
    people? How did the Jews survive conquest of the Land of Israel again and again? What kept the Jewish
    people, permanently torn from its soil, dispersed to many lands, from perishing? What happened when the
    exiled Jews confronted the challenges of persecution and assimilation?

    Siddur: Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way

    Designed for those who can read words in the siddur but do not know what they mean, this course builds
    a solid siddur vocabulary and introduces siddur grammar so simply that everyone can understand. By the
    end of the year, essential vocabulary of Jewish prayer and basic forms of Hebrew grammar used in the
    siddur will be mastered.
* One semester course
    Grade 8
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