In my high school IB [International Baccalaureate] class discussion about language and its
    contributions to culture, I wanted to talk about the revitalization of the Hebrew language as a modern
    language, and its religious connotations.

    In the IB ethics in government dialogue about the way the fundamental rules of a society are formed, I
    wanted to talk about Israel and the role of religion in the formation of the Jewish State, and the political
    and ethical implications of a secular Jewish State.

    In our IB discussion about the importance of a collective history for a country and for a group of people, I
    wanted to talk about the Jews and how our collective history is vast and different and yet Jews have come
    from all over the world to be Jews together in Israel.

    I wanted to talk about these issues, but Judaism and Israel were simply not part of the collective
    knowledge and cultural literacy of the students in my IB classes.

    It is important for every Jew to have an outlet for conversation about Judaism in a Jewish context, and that
    is what Shoresh provides.  Shoresh has been my Jewish outlet, my time to talk about Israel, Judaism and
    politics without having to explain my terms.  Shoresh gave me the opportunity once a week to talk about

    (Class of 2007)  
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