For those of you who have been lucky enough to awkwardly sit in on a class, you know there is
    constant argument and discussion coalescing into challenges to one’s thoughts and sometimes values. It’
    s usually respectful, and this discourse is what I believe has prepared us for people who will challenge our
    Judaism, our beliefs on Israel and our values in general.

    When I say "challenges," I mean literally the exact types of challenges we might receive at an Israel rally
    (with its yelling, signs and direct affronts to what might be your values). But my talking, and everyone's
    talking – it all comes from a love of Judaism that was sparked when we walked into Shoresh five years
    ago. Even when we were out of turn we were on point.

    Shmuel, Sarna’s American Judaism, Hertzberg’s The Zionist Idea, everything from Rabbi Feld’s class
    (from Derech Hashem to Lévi-Strauss), Jew vs. Jew and Real Jews have all changed my Judaism.

    Every time I left a classroom I was a changed person. For the past eighteen years that hasn’t happened
    anywhere else. I doubt it will ever happen again. Shoresh has contextualized where I am as a Jew in
    America and the world, and instead of blandly prescribing a particular Jewish worldview, Shoresh has
    charged and challenged me with discovering my own.

    (Class of 2009)
    A Changed Person
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