CLASSES OF 2007 - 2009
    A Changed Person

    Every time I left a classroom I was a changed person. Instead of prescribing a particular Jewish worldview, Shoresh
    has charged and challenged me with discovering my own.  For those of you who have been lucky enough to sit in
    on a class, ... MORE
    (Class of 2009)
    A Shoresh Skeptic

    I was a Shoresh skeptic. Sometime in mid 9th grade, however, I started to make connections between my Shoresh
    classes and what I was studying at my private secular school.

    Shoresh includes students like me who graduated from or previously attended Jewish day schools as well as others
    who had very little prior Judaic background. The diversity of experiences and beliefs enriched our class
    discussions. I loved that ... MORE
    (Class of 2009)
    Shoresh Prepares Us For The Challenges of Jewish Leadership

    Shoresh prepares us for the challenges of Jewish leadership. Leadership means having the conscience to know
    the right decision and the courage to follow through on that decision — even when others do not want to, or when
    others do not like it, or when it is hard.  King David had such courage and sometimes had such conscience.  King
    Saul rarely had either.  Shoresh teaches us to have both.  (Class of 2007)
    My Jewish Outlet

    In my high school IB [International Baccalaureate] class discussion about language and its contributions to culture, I
    wanted to talk about the revitalization of the Hebrew language as a modern language, and its religious
    connotations.  In the IB ethics in government dialogue about the way the fundamental rules of a society are formed,
    I wanted to talk about Israel and ... MORE

    I wanted to talk about these issues, but Judaism and Israel were simply not part of the collective knowledge and
    cultural literacy of the students in my IB classes. MORE
    (Class of 2007)
    Discovering What It Is That Makes Me Want to Stay Jewish

    Is it the challah, rugaluch, matzah ball soup, and schnitzel which keep us Jewish? Is it our favorite Hebrew and oy
    vey? Why is it that when we meet Jews, we feel more comfortable around them and easily connect to them?

    Many nations have fascinating cultures and a sense of community. Why do we choose to be a part of Judaism when
    we could find those two things in other cultures?

    Shoresh has given me the means of discovering what it is about Judaism that makes me want to stay Jewish. I now
    constantly think about and question Judaism in ways I never did before.  (Class of 2007)
    My Relationship To Israel

    During the conflict in Gaza, a group of people I know went to pro-Palestinian rallies on the weekends, had
    Palestinian flags as their Facebook profile pictures, and liked to discuss whether the humanitarian situation in Gaza
    was genocide. The way they spoke about Israel made me ... MORE
    (Class of 2009)
    A Very Different Kind of Hebrew School

    For the last five years I have attended a very different kind of Hebrew school. Every class gave me a reason to
    want to attend each week.  (Class of 2007)
    The Shoresh Experience in our students' own words
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