Most of my friends are shocked when they find out I still go to Hebrew School. They are even more
    surprised to hear that I actually look forward to my classes each week. I  explain that this is more than your
    average Hebrew School; our classes cover so many interesting and relevant topics, and our teachers truly
    value our opinions in class discussions. But, more than that, it is the people who draw me back week after
    week. Each of my classmates has made me laugh, reconsider my views, get riled up in a debate, and see
    Judaism in a new light. Thanks for being the best Hebrew School family a girl could ask for.

    Although it was mandated from the moment of my birth, and the birth of every Jewish baby, that I would
    spend a lifetime questioning, analyzing, and never quite understanding my religion, I think these high
    school years might be filled with some of the hardest questions. Is there someone tallying up my “mitzvah
    points,” like the points awarded to each Hogwarts House in Harry Potter? Do I want to return to the days of
    sacrificing animals in the Temple, and would that be good for the Jewish community today? Do I have a
    right as a Jew to criticize Israel’s policies more than a non-Jew? And does God really look like King

    In high school, we no longer just accept cookie cutter lessons from our earlier years.  Now, we want to test
    each theory, play devil’s advocate and develop our own interpretations. And Shoresh has provided the
    perfect setting to do that. I cannot think of a single class that I have taken here that has not been
    discussion-based or where the teacher did not want to hear what we, the students, had to say.

    In all honesty, I could not really tell you what most of our conversations were about. But in the end, that is
    not what is important. It is the ability to look at a passage from the Tanach and analyze it like I would
    Shakespeare’s Hamlet in English class. It is the ability to form my own opinion about current events
    surrounding Israel and defend it in a debate. It is the ability to read a Psalm during Shabbat services and
    gain insight into the multiple personalities of God. And finally, it is the ability to be an active and proud
    member of the Jewish community. Those are the important things.
    (Class of 2012)
    What's Important
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